Booth Rental Rates & Information

Our vendors work tirelessly to provide our community with unique and one of a kind items that are sure to satisfy any shopper looking for a gift for the person who has everything! Some vendors offer brand new products ranging from clothes and furniture to jewelry, handmade household items, toys, and personal hygiene items. Other vendors specialize in collectible items and others in antiques, preowned furniture and vintage finds.

Booth Rental Rates & Information


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Booth #1 thru #7 ( 6' x 8' ) $175 per month

Booth #10 thru #13 ( 6' x 8' ) $175 per month

Booth #14 thru #19 ( 4' x 6' ) $125 per month

Booth #8 ( 12' x 10' ) $350 per month

Booth #9 ( 12' x 9' ) $250 per month

Booths that require electricity must pay a one-time drop-fee of $100.  Monthly electrical charge will depend on usage.

Consignors are required to give a $100 deposit along with first month's rent for booth spaces.  Security deposits will not be returned if any damage is done to booth and it is not left in immediately rentable condition.

All Consignors require an initial commitment of a FULL 3 months; when you have completed the FULL 3 months, the rental contract is extended on a month-to-month basis.


The Agora Market is an artisan and creator marketplace meant to showcase the talents and skills of individual vendors. With this in mind, applications that focus on handmade goods are strongly encouraged. The inclusion of other merchandise will be at the discretion of the Vendor Committee.


All work must be your own. No kits, plastic, manufactured parts, purchased pieces or bulk/mass imports will be allowed.


Artisan / Hand Crafted Products MUST Be:

● All fine craft and art media are accepted, including, but not limited to, items using clay, fiber, glass, leather, metal, paper, soap or wood, as well as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, accessories, weaving, pottery, carvings, reclaimed furniture, new custom build furniture, woodworking, illustration, mixed media works and fresh floral and dried flower arrangements in which all components are grown locally or by the Artisan.

● Sewing or crafting using fabric or other materials of limited copyright and or trademark characters is at the risk of the Artist.

● Work must be original.

● Limited edition prints must be signed by the artist and numbered. Products printed with the artist’s artwork is permitted and does not need to be signed.

● No resale of products is allowed.

● Unacceptable art products include: “kit” or “assembly line” craft projects; purchased retail items; purchased pieces or bulk/mass imports, commercially produced kits, molds, or imports.

● Artwork will be displayed at the Artisan’s own risk.


Vintage / Antique Guidelines:

We are dedicated to providing good quality vintage finds, antiques and collectibles and have developed these guidelines as a means of meeting our shared goal of achieving a  high level of sales and customer interest.

● Items of the flea market, garage sale, or knick-knack nature that have no collector interest, can be currently purchased at gift shops or department stores, or are currently manufactured as “collectors' items” are unsuitable for sale.  Reproductions MUST be plainly labled as such. No counterfeit, bootleg, or ’knock-off’ items allowed. 

● All merchandise is to be "booth/case ready." "Ready" is defined as items that are  clean and visually attractive. All primitives should be clean and free of wood boring insects.

● Any item that has a defect that would affect it’s value must be noted on the tag description. Either a specific description of the defect should be provided or the item should be marked "as is." Mechanical or electrical items that do not operate properly must be so noted. Modifications or alterations to furniture or other items should be noted on the tag description (the back of the tag may be used).

● Please do not expect mall employees to 'demo' or 'work' items in your booth(s). Showing customers how to operate a Victrola or spinning wheel, counting parts of a game or puzzle to verify completeness, etc. are time consuming tasks and we just don't have the time to dedicate to those. If the item has numerous parts, verify that all are there and note it on the sales tag. Also note what pieces/parts may be missing. If operating instructions are needed, print them out on a card and provide the customer with it so that they may verify the items operation prior to purchase.

● THIS IS NOT A THRIFT MALL !! If thrift items (shoes, DVDs, etc) are found in your booth, they will be immediately removed from the floor. Vintage items will be allowed such as higher end vintage clothing, vinyl, properly staged small items, etc.


Overall Guidelines

Agora Market LLC's management reserves the right at any time to prohibit certain additional items from being sold, traded or given away and to deny any vendor the right to sell. We reserve the right to refuse any merchandise we feel is inappropriate.


Sale of the following items are prohibited: handguns; drug paraphernalia; adult (x-rated) merchandise/material of any kind; alcohol; fireworks; explosives; illegal, copied or stolen items.

Fixtures or items used to display merchandise only may be tagged “NFS” (Not For  Sale) unless they too are for sale. Fixtures only used for dispaying smaller items may not exceed 5.5' in height. Fixtures or furniture taller than 5.5' in height may be used to display smaller merchandise providing they too are for sale and are fairly priced.​

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