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AGORA Marketplace is an indoor, year-round marketplace located at the foothills of the Adirondacks of Upstate New York (Gloversville),  featuring 17 regionally local artisans and creators housed under one roof offering residents and visitors alike a showcasing of local handmade creations, crafts, furniture, gifts, vintage surprises, reclaimed antiques, and really cool specialty items so stop and see for yourself!

AGORA is a civic, community-building space for small businesses, entrepreneurs, neighbors, customers residents, visitors, and partners who come together around the common culture of supporting regional small businesses.

We create an opportunity for small businesses to thrive and nourish our community with experiences, conversations, and education about the significant impact of buying from local vendors and artisans while creating a pleasing and vibrant environment for everyone.

Our mission is to support Upstate Regional artisans & creators,
provide a unique marketplace to consumers of all income levels,
educate the public about local sourcing and economic impact,
and build an experience around community.

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