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Apply to Become a Vendor at Agora


What booth are you interested in?  Visit the AGORA Marketplace Floorplan and Booth Layout​

Our vendors work tirelessly to provide our community with unique and one of a kind items that are sure to satisfy any shopper looking for a gift for the person who has everything! Some vendors offer brand new products ranging from clothes and furniture to jewelry, handmade household items, toys, and personal hygiene items. Other vendors specialize in collectible items and others in antiques, preowned furniture and vintage finds.


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Vendor Booth Request

Booth assignments are determined after an in-person interview and sample review.

For a detailed floor plan and booth layout, Click Here

Information regarding electricity availability and usage

Some booths are pre-wired for electricity with standard (1) 110v 2-outlet.  A $25 Monthly electrical charge will be added to your booth rental if you are intending to use electrical.  LARGE appliances in your booth (coolers, etc) may incur an additional fee.  You are responsible for bringing any extension cord(s), power strip(s) & tape to keeps cords down in compliance with customer safety.


Merchandise Listing and Descriptions

The Agora Market is an artisan and creator marketplace meant to showcase the talents and skills of individual vendors. With this in mind, applications that focus on handmade goods are strongly encouraged. The inclusion of other merchandise will be at the discretion of the Vendor Committee.  All work must be your own. No kits, plastic, manufactured parts, purchased pieces or bulk/mass imports will be allowed.


Artisan / HandCrafted Products MUST Be:

● All fine craft and art media are accepted, including, but not limited to, items using clay, fiber, glass, leather, metal, paper, soap or wood, as well as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, accessories, weaving, pottery, carvings, furniture, woodworking, illustration, mixed media works and fresh floral and dried flower arrangements in which all components are grown locally or by the Artisan.

● Sewing or crafting using fabric or other materials of limited copyright and or trademark characters is at the risk of the Artist.

● Work must be original.

●  Limited edition prints must be signed by the artist and numbered. Products printed with

the artist’s artwork is permitted and does not need to be signed.

● No resale of products is allowed.

● Unacceptable art products include: “kit” or “assembly line” craft projects; purchased retail items; purchased pieces or bulk/mass imports, commercially produced kits, molds, or imports.

● Artwork will be displayed at the Artisan’s own risk.


Sale of the following items are prohibited:  handguns; drug paraphernalia; adult (x-rated) merchandise/material of any kind; alcohol; fireworks; explosives; illegal, copied, or stolen items.  Agora Market LLC's management reserves the right at any time to prohibit certain additional items from being sold, traded, or given away and to deny any vendor the right to sell.  We reserve the right to refuse any merchandise we feel is inappropriate. 


THIS IS NOT A THRIFT MALL!  If thrift items (shoes, DVDs, etc) are found in your booth, they will be immediately removed from the floor. Vintage items will be allowed such as higher-end vintage clothing, vinyl, properly staged small items, etc. 


Agora reserves the right to limit merchandise offered for sale by vendors. Agora is not intended to be a venue for a vendor to sell “close-out”, “deeply discounted”, “overstock”, or similar merchandise. The vending experience at Agora is not intended to replicate what is commercially available but rather to highlight individual vendors' concepts, designs, and products.


Agora Marketplace reserves the right to request the removal of inappropriate crafts and/or displays, and vendors selling unauthorized items will be asked to remove those items.




The vendor application must include at least four photographs that show all products you intend to sell along with detailed descriptions.


You must email your photos to: and reference your name and email address that you are submitting above along with the photos of what you are selling.



Submission and Acknowledgments
Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance to the marketplace.


Agora Marketplace reserves the right to decline any application and all decisions are final.


Submission of applications will be acknowledged within 2 business days of their receipt.


The application process will include a review of the submitted photos, description and WILL ALSO INCLUDE an in-person interview in which select samples of the items/materials to be sold must be shown.


Acceptance or denial notifications will be provided within two weeks thereafter.


Agora reserves the right to make any space assignment for any vendor based on extraordinary circumstances including but not limited to safety considerations, type of merchandise sold, and other site considerations. All space assignment decisions are final.


Unless explicitly permitted by the vendor, Agora will not share or distribute the vendor’s personal contact information with other individuals or organizations. If provided in the application.


Agora will use the Vendor’s website/Facebook/Etsy link to promote their participation as well as include in a list of participating vendors which will be posted on


By submitting this application I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Submission of this application.

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